24 May 2017

5 Free Android Apps/Games of the week! (May)

1) The Passenger

Discover a relaxing experience designed specialy for mobile devices with an original and innovative Point-and-click graphic adventure game. You won't find any lengthy boring dialogs in this indie puzzle / adventure game.

2) Gravity Home Pro

Gravity Home is a interactive Live Wallpaper that transforms your home screen in a funny alternative launcher allowing you to add your favorite app icons that react to physics bouncing in your desktop.

Turn the phone upside down and watch your selected icons respond to gravity, hanging around the screen, being completely functional.

3) AceSpeeder3

The racing game that run through the future world in the anti-gravity machines.
You can experience the overwhelming speed and realistic motion.

4) Imagine Icon Pack

Imagine is very well, icon drawen manually based on google Material Design guidelines. Blended color and gradation make your phone so beautiful.
About Icon Masking Works perfectly on: Nova, Apex, Solo, Zen UI, ADW.


"White Sniper HD - Vector Run" is an exciting arcade style game featuring you as an exceptional Undercover Military Sniper who won't be held down by the government. Run & Jump using techniques based on the urban Free-running sport of Parkour with Police in "hot pursuit".

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